Bud Hay

Senior Principal

Orville E. “Bud” Hay, often referred to as the “Dean of War Gaming”, has been a major force in stretching the boundaries of the art of gaming. A pioneer in research gaming, he has created gaming formats that range from thousands of participants at distributed sites to small teams working at engineering levels of detail. From games at the White House, Pentagon, the four Services, the Combatant Commanders, the Civil Agencies and the Intelligence Community, he has handcrafted games that focus on the issues that are most relevant to each community.

Bud was one of the founders of the Navy’s Global War Game and was the Game Director throughout its two decade evolution. In this capacity he was a charter member of the Title X series of war games. Bud was the Chair of War Gaming and Research at the Naval War College and has designed, directed and analyzed hundreds of games, studies and workshops over the past three decades. He pioneered the introduction of Space play and then ISR capabilities into war games and was the spearhead in integrating Information Technology into operational war games.