Sam Mohs

Corporate Vice President, Business Operations
  • Dynamite since: January 2009
  • Most likely to: Add to the Dynamis golf trophy shelf.
  • Interesting fact: Sam grew up working for the family business, which was a combination of a funeral home, ambulatory service, and furniture store.

Sam Mohs currently serves as Dynamis’ Corporate Vice President of Business Operations. His primary role is to support the strategic growth objectives of the company and oversee day-to-day operations. He is responsible for financials, pricing, contracts, recruiting, human resources and other indirect support functions. Sam also directly supports clients in the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities.

Prior to joining Dynamis in January of 2009, Sam spent the previous 14 years providing war gaming support across the defense and intelligence communities. He was a pioneer in the use of models, simulations, and visualizations for war gaming, and is a recognized expert in the design, execution, and analysis of war games spanning strategic to tactical-level issues across diverse disciplines (economic, information, political, military, intelligence, and science and technology). He also founded and managed the Naval War College’s Innovation Laboratory to better integrate the research and development and operational communities.

As Research Faculty and a Staff Officer at the Naval War College, Sam led the Design Division for five years, overseeing the design and execution of over 40 conferences and war games. He was the lead designer for the Global War Game series from 1999-2002, an annual event typically involving over 70 organizations and 1000 participants and was the outreach lead for joint, interagency and coalition participation.

Sam also served as head of the International Branch for four years, conducting bilateral and multilateral conference and war games involving Latin American countries, Canada, Japan, France and United Kingdom. He coordinated the collection and analysis of numerous war gaming events, including the Global War Game series, leading a collection and analysis team of over 50 individuals.

Earlier in his career, Sam served as a submarine officer aboard both ballistic missile and fast attack submarines, earning his nuclear engineering qualifications. He possesses an MBA in Finance, an MA in Strategic Planning, and a BS in Aerospace Engineering.