Our Story

Dynamis was created when one of us was at a career crossroads and the other was restless and eager for a new challenge. With the opportunity to work together at the forefront of our discussion, the two of us history buffs settled on the name “Dynamis,” which in Greek means strength, power, fortitude, and the will to win.

It was upon these characteristics that our company was founded. This will and spirit is embodied in our symbol, the Corinthian helmet. Dynamis employees are thinking warriors—people of action and purpose with invaluable skills and experience. We’re professionals who are passionate about making the world a safer place and the will to win is what drives us to do so.8th anniversary-84

Our most important asset has always been and will always be our employees – or more commonly, the “Dynamites.” From day one, we wanted to ensure that we provided for the wellbeing of all Dynamites and all customers, and we wanted to create a company where employees felt valued and empowered. If we took care of our people, we believed they would deliver greater value to our customers.
Less than a decade in, Dynamis provides solutions to a broad range of government agencies, as well as international and commercials customers. Our solutions range from decision support and organizational development to information technology and instructional systems design.

Through it all, the ethos has remained the same: The people who come to work for Dynamis matter. Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and customers alike matters. Creating opportunities for people to do cool and interesting things matters. Personal and professional development matter.
Dynamis is dedicated to leaving the world a better place than it found it – all while having fun in the process.

– John Milam and John Braun