Air Force Inspection Agency Awards Dynamis Contract to Improve Readiness

Dynamis is excited to announce that the United States Air Force awarded us a contract for the Air Force Inspection Agency’s (AFIA) Readiness Exercise Advanced Planning, Execution and Reporting (REAPER) CAPSTONE Training Course. Our instructional systems design and exercise management experts will assist AFIA in developing a tailored curriculum designed to reinvigorate exercise management competencies to improve Air Force readiness and combat lethality.

Dynamis will expand upon current AFIA training and exercise planning, execution, and reporting capabilities to assess the readiness, discipline, and efficiency of the Air Force’s core operational entity – the Wings, ultimately driving readiness improvements.

Dynamis considers it a deep honor to serve the United States Air Force. This project is vitally important to our national security and will help sustain the Air Force’s readiness and combat capability.

This award was Dynamis’ first award under our Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Small Business Contract vehicle and will be administered by OPM’s HCaTS Contract team.

To learn more about this work and Dynamis’ capabilities, please contact Alan Metzler at