Dynamis Inc. featured in February 2019 Issue of Virginia Business Magazine – Competing for Top Talent Against Amazon HQ2

The February 2019 issue of Virginia Business magazine put the spotlight upon Amazon’s future Northern VA based headquarters and how it will affect the hunt for top talent by local technology firms.

The magazine interviewed several prior recipients of their Best Places to Work in Virginia award, including Dynamis Inc. 

Dynamis Inc. President John Braun stated that increasing opportunities for top talent coming to the region was “A good problem to have’ and he is impressed with the Virginia’s commitment to educational investments

John Braun agrees that Amazon will be a formidable competitor for talent. “That’s always a concern, but it’s a good problem to have,” says John Braun of Dynamis, a Fairfax-based company providing a broad range of services and support to government clients.

Braun says companies already facing challenges may be more vulnerable when competing with Amazon than firms that have grown, even in difficult times. 

He is impressed with the state’s education investment proposals, which are designed to ensure that a large number of qualified workers will be available not only to Amazon but to others.

Our company is continually investing in its employees’ education and training, whether they want to get a master’s degree, a doctorate or a certification in a critical area. “To be successful in the long run, you have to spend money,” Braun says.

If our company gets in a bind in trying to keep a particularly talented employee, he says, “we would offer additional benefits,” on top of what he believes is already an attractive compensation package.

Braun’s final thought on why HQ2 is a positive development: “Business begets business.”

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About Dynamis

Dynamis, Inc. is an innovative security solutions and information technology provider with an extensive history of supporting active shooter training and preparedness, security management, exercise and emergency management, readiness training, and defense capacity building throughout the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, across our Nation’s critical infrastructure and internationally.  Dynamis provides high end solutions to complex challenges and opportunities for senior decision makers, enhancing safety and security globally.