Dynamis Inc. COBRA Software Supports PATRIOT South 2019 Exercise

PATRIOT South is an annual event focused on increasing the collaborate capabilities among federal, state and local organizations in response to a natural or man-made emergency.  The exercise allows Air and Army National Guard members, working side-by-side with civilian emergency responders from around the nation, to receive joint training focused on domestic operation.  

The PATRIOT South 2019 exercise was held at the Air Dominance Center (ADC) in Savannah, GA. Additional activities were held at the Guardian Centers of Perry, Georgia.

COBRA was used by multiple response organizations during the exercise, which included simulated events such as response to civil disturbance following a natural disaster. COBRA software has been in continual use by Federal, State and Local emergency management for nearly twenty years, supporting collaboration, data capture and resource allocation and more.  COBRA supports Exercise Management and Facilitation at Guardian Centers. 

For more information on COBRA, visit http://cobra2020.com/