Decision Support

Dynamis provides robust qualitative and quantitative analytical capabilities across a full spectrum of government and commercial services. Our tools, capabilities, and resources deliver a better understanding of potential risks and advantages associated with appropriate decision options and ensure that our clients can maximize high priority efforts and outcomes.

Our Decision Support teams combine sophisticated methodologies and technologies with world-class consulting expertise. We apply our capabilities to organize broad varieties of data utilizing an integrated data warehouse and use various analytic tools to process that data into useful information and derive meaningful value.

Dynamis understands how to bridge the gap between raw data, flat reports, and real-world situations and challenges. We are experienced social and military analysts and data scientists who are dealing with industry challenges like few others. Our customers point to this expertise as the reason they come back to us time after time.

Our services include:

  • Analytic Gaming
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Business Case Development
  • Capability Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Meta-Data Analysis and Management
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Net Assessment
  • Visual Analytics