Emergency Management Planning and Operations

Dynamis is a leading provider of emergency management and community resilience services. Our strong core of specialists and subject matter experts in disaster management honed their skills in federal agency positions and in top state and local homeland security and emergency leadership positions. We have the experience, subject matter expertise, and resources to assist both public and private sector clients in addressing the entire continuum of devastating impacts of man-made and natural events. Our expertise includes preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Dynamis has applied our winning formula of people, experience, and technology to hundreds of disaster and emergency management projects for Federal, state, and local government agencies and the private sector worldwide to ensure they are prepared and well equipped to manage an emergency or a disaster when it occurs.

Dynamis’ risk-based tools and capabilities assist customers identify disaster preparedness strategies and tactics that will be effective across a wide spectrum of potential hazards so that the best approaches to managing consequences are implemented before a disaster occurs.

Training and Exercises

Dynamis ensures training outcomes are linked to critical program and mission goals. We have extensive experience developing and delivering training for mission-critical systems and processes. We also assist emergency managers and public safety and security officials in designing and delivering discussion-based as well as operations-based exercises. From tabletop and functional to command-post and full-scale, Dynamis exercises are consistent and compliant with DHS Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines. To read more about our Training and Exercises capabilities, please click here.


Our disaster preparedness capabilities include:

  • Developing and applying technology to better inform clients about the wide array of hazards they face
  • Prioritizing, scoping, and implementing projects designed to mitigate risks
  • Planning, training, and exercising public safety professionals to enhance their readiness to respond
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning/Business Continuity Planning (BCP) covering all types of hazards and include business impact analyses, plan development, and exercises.


  • Hazard mitigation planning
  • Loss avoidance studies
  • FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) consulting
  • Floodplain management studies and analyses
  • Levee and dam inspection and management
  • Climate adaptation planning
  • Comprehensive and master community planning
  • Land use and zoning policy and plan development

Modeling and Simulation

Dynamis provides a comprehensive modeling and simulation approach that measures the degree of protection provided by various techniques and strategies, putting emergency planning and decision making on a quantitative basis.

Public Outreach and Education

Dynamis’ communications and subject matter experts provide an agency’s public information and communications staff with support in situational awareness briefing development, media relations coordination, and other crisis communications activities.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Dynamis’ disaster risk and vulnerability assessments provide a foundation for determining the options and countermeasures available for mitigating a variety of threats, which include the prioritization of assets and threat events in order to make informed decisions on the implementation of protection initiatives and projects.