Information Technology & Compliance

Dynamis provides a full spectrum of Information Technology services. Our teams design, develop, install, implement, test, and evaluate technologies and technology solutions for government and commercial customers across the globe.

We develop solutions to enhance performance and improve operational processes. Our experts utilize both commercial off-the-shelf and custom software solutions to ensure program success.

Our services include:

  • Application Design & Development
  • Architecture Analysis and Design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Database Management
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Systems Operations & Maintenance
  • Technology Assessment & Analysis

Our commercial off-the-shelf solutions include:

  • COBRA™ Emergency Management Information System

The COBRA Emergency Management Information System platform provides your emergency management organization the features and capabilities needed to manage every size and type of crisis at the tactical, command, strategic, State, and Federal levels. COBRA is a scalable suite of digital tools to support daily facility operations as well as managing special events, emergencies, and disasters. It provides a distributed collaboration environment including resource tracking, activity logs, chat rooms, interactive maps, and multiple other tools and resources that can be shared by users at the local, regional, and headquarters level. COBRA provides facility managers, safety and security staff, and support staff the capability to post and share information about an incident or event, the associated impacts to the facility, critical infrastructure, and the surrounding environment. This supports management, response, and recovery operations by capturing real-time information on the situation and facilitates seamless information sharing with the appropriate authorities on current activities and the anticipated actions needed to effectively manage the situation.

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