Aaron Marks

Senior Principal
  • Dynamite since: 4 November 2008 (Laura Mahoney’s Birthday!)
  • Voted by other Dynamites as most likely to:
    • Have a picture on the wall of every Post Office on the East Coast;
    • Be mistaken for John Milam’s significant other;
    • Challenge David Childs on Jeopardy;
  • Historical figure you would compare yourself to: Nikola Tesla
  • Likes: good books, considerate people, quiet time in the country, technical research, and teaching
  • Dislikes: people who use emotional crutches to stop debate and discussion, wasted time and resources, complacency
  • Interesting Fact about Yourself: I am a survivor of Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Aaron Marks, Senior Principal, leads Dynamis’ long-term corporate technical and capability vision. He is responsible for the Preparedness and Economic Resilience program and advanced capability qualification and development. Aaron also facilitates the care and feeding of the technical community within Dynamis.

Before joining Dynamis in 2008, Aaron worked for Bridgeborn as a homeland security analyst and task leader. This work included providing analysis and subject matter expertise for the development and ongoing support of policy and information technology applications for programs such as the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), the Target Capabilities List (TCL), and the National Preparedness System (NPS). Aaron also has over 20 years’ experience in the emergency medical services field, working at all levels from PSAP telecommunicator and dispatcher to director of operations for a large commercial emergency services provider.

Aaron is a Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP) as well as a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP). He earned a B.A. in Clinical Psychology from Texas Tech University and a M.A. degree in Public Administration and Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University.