John Milam

  • Dynamite since: February 2008
  • Most Likely to “Win Best Hair”

Over his 25 year career supporting the DHS, DoD, DoS, and the Intelligence Community, John Milam has become a recognized leader in homeland & national security issues. He has served as the CEO of Dynamis since its inception in 2008. He has participated in, conducted, and provided senior technical and management leadership for more than a hundred homeland & national security assessments, policy studies, exercises, war games, analytic tool development, decision support tool development & application efforts, simulation projects, and national & international conferences.

In these capacities, John has proven himself a creative thinker and gifted analyst with the capacity to develop innovative approaches and implement fresh solutions to intractable problems in the homeland and national security arenas. His contributions have earned him, among others, the US Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal for “his outstanding efforts that have left an indelible imprint of exactitude on countless intelligence products and data base initiatives.”

John has worked extensively with DHS over the past 8 years. Of particular note is the role he played as principal investigator and corporate oversight to the IMSI Review Project and development of the Preparedness Integration Task Force for FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate.