Rick Aiken

Senior Principal
  • Dynamite since: November 2013
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  • Historical figure you would compare yourself to: Dilbert
  • Likes…? Travel, weekends at my island house on the Rappahannock River, Manhattans (the drink)
  • Interesting Fact about Yourself: Savant at the card game Hearts

Rick Aiken is the Director of Defense and Intelligence for Dynamis, where he manages a portfolio of Department of Defense clients. In addition to his program management skills, Rick develops new markets while assisting Dynamis on its growth track from a small to large business with his extensive knowledge of best practices.

Prior to joining Dynamis, Rick served in the U.S. Air Force (USAF) for 22 years and supported policy, planning, and programming activities. Since leaving the Air Force, he has served in various leadership and management positions as a defense contractor, including corporate vice president for a Fortune 300 company.

In the course of his military and contractor service, Rick has led several notable efforts, including an analysis of USAF short-range nuclear forces, a model-based study on inadequacies of U.S. response to adversary use of chemical and/or biological weapons, and an independent analysis for the Defense Counterproliferation Program for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. He served as the OSD Policy representative on an interagency panel established to review the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s proposal to reduce funding for counterproliferation capabilities by $1B across the five-year defense plan. As a result of his contributions, the original funding level was maintained, and the Deputy Secretary of Defense added an additional $1B for emerging technologies and acquisition programs within the Departments of Defense and Energy in support of this effort.