Sarah Smith

VP, Business Operations
  • Dynamite since: January 2014
  • Most likely be told to use an indoor voice
  • Likes: Family, friends, good food, good wine, video games, board games, politics, comedy, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Daredevil, Jessica Jones….
  • Dislikes: Sharks, bees, small planes, mosquitos, any place where I am not an apex predator
  • Interesting Fact: Before going to law school, Sarah was 3 years into a biochemistry degree with concentrations in virology and genetics.

Sarah Smith currently serves as Dynamis’ Vice President for Business Administration.  Her daily responsibilities include pricing, program control, price to win, proposal writing, capture strategy, and financial management. She is also responsible for day to day support of Unanet operations and reporting.

Sarah graduated from law school but is not a practicing lawyer. She started in the defense contracting industry in 2008 in the contracts department of a small business that was acquired by Lockheed Martin.  Before joining Dynamis, Sarah worked at ANSER, where her responsibilities included contracts, subcontracts, finances, capture strategy, program control, and other areas.