Tim Mahoney

  • Dynamite since: June 2008
  • Most likely to… squirrel… What were we talking about?
  • Likes: COFFEE!!! Adrenaline Sports (Mountain Biking, Motorcycles, Running into Burning Buildings)
  • Interesting Fact: Tim received a Silver Medal of Valor Award for conducting a swift water rescue.

Tim Mahoney currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Dynamis and is responsible for corporate execution. Since joining Dynamis in 2008, he has overseen the planning, staffing, and execution of multiple projects for the Federal Government.

Tim is an experienced program and project manager with a history of facilitating interagency working groups involving multiple DHS component organizations. His skills include life cycle project management comprised of project analysis, project planning, and project execution ensuring all requirements are met and deliverables are of the highest quality. Mr. Mahoney’s approach to successful program management involves partnering with his clients to identify and utilize methodologies appropriate to each project, as well as tailoring industry best practices to suit client requirements. In addition, Tim has over 20 years as a first responder and firefighter, and has acted as the Incident Commander for multi-agency responses. Tim continues to volunteer at a fire department within Prince William County, Virginia.